What Would Your Top 3 Sci-Fi Movies Be?

Are you an admirer of sci-fi movies? If yes, then you must be interested in knowing about the best sci-fi movies that must be watched and to know about them you must have a sneak peek on this article.

There have been many science fiction films produced throughout the last 40 years. Nevertheless it was the cooperation between Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick to produce 2001 An Area Odyssey, which definitely introduced the notion of travelling in house alive for moviegoers in the late 60's. If you want to watch the best movies online, then visit movieandmusicnetwork. It could be difficult to decide only three movies when requested to choose your favorite sci-fi films but I have attempted.

1. Blade Runner
This movie is founded on a brief account by Arthur C Clarke and it is set in the year 2019, it is led by Ridley Scott and stars Harrison Ford. The picture was launched in 1982 but today when it rains many of the biggest cities around the world possess the same experience in their mind as in the movie.

2. The Running Man
It was launched in 1987 and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is defined within the year 2019, which does not seem so-long absent now obviously. People are chased down and killed for the entertainment of the people.

3. Logans Run
When the planet cannot sustain each of the people in it, what can you do, easy you kill-off everyone over 30. That's the basic story-line of this film from 1976 movie and set in the 23rd century.

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