The Return of the Double Breasted Suit

This fall season signals the return of the original 1980's power suit. In the work of the recent NY fashion week, most of the men's designers from Armani, Zegna & Tom Ford, featured the double breasted suit squarely in their collections. While in essence it looks like the same thing they used to see on the Donald in his hey day, there's some major differences in proportions that make this latest incarnation of the double breasted suit a more fashionable piece of clothing, than the business standard a number of us still have hanging in our closets. In other words it might not be appropriate to break out the ol' double breast yet...if ever.

While the double breasted suit surely dates back much further than the 1980's, lots of of us today keep in mind them as the Reagan period suit would wear when they meant business. The thing was those old custom suits were cut the 80's way as well, when bigger was better, so lots of featured wider lapels, large shoulder padding, low button stances, triple pleated trousers as well as a high rise. The largest design Que of today's modern double breasted suits is their slim & trim tailored silhouette. In other words there is a large difference between the 1980's version & today's, so breaking the elderly out doesn't make you fashion forward but it might make you a small bit dated.

To get today's look start with narrow shoulders that hang off of yours by about 1/4" to no over 1/2". Look for light padding as well as a high button stance meaning that the first close-able button ought to be a nice one 1/2" higher than your stomach button. As for the trousers, look for a slimmer cut with out pleats as well as a plain hem (no cuffs) as well as a small to no break to complete the look. You can also check out

Dark Means Business

thing that has not changed about the double breasted suit is that darker colors are still the way to go. Darker suits are slimming & are forgiving to any ones skin tone not to mention it conveys the most authority. Its no surprise that every CEO owns a closet filled with dark suits. Select a suit in either a dark charcoal or a navy. In case you choose to go with patterns think soft & subtle, the double breasted suit is strong to attract attention & doesn't need assistance from any type of bold fabrics.

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