Outdoor Garden Sheds

Custom built garden sheds are enjoying a small bit of a renaissance. I am being contacted regularly by customers that are looking something new when it comes to garden shed.

Another woman called and wanted a garden shed for gardeners. They had some specific ideas in mind. They wanted an outside potting table with walking water. They wanted a small bank of drawers that would be used for storing seeds. They also wanted an area inside her shed that could accommodate a chair so that they could read her gardening books and magazines.

Some clients are looking for an artistic design while others are more focused on functionality. Some require making definite the water drainage off the shed can channeled in to a rain water catchment technique. Others require the sides covered in a trellis and are concerned that drainage from the roof be directed away from the roots of their climbing plants. You can also get more ideas from http://www.theoriginalminibarns.com/.

One woman asked if I had seen a popular reality TV show featuring a relative with eight children. I had not. They went on to explain that in a recent episode a carpenter built the children crooked houses as play houses. They wanted a crooked house theme for her garden shed. They said it was both practical and whimsical and it would make me the most famous shed builder in the area! They are trying to locate a replica of that episode for me. You can also get more ideas from www.bestchickencoopplans.com/.

Garden sheds; be they wooden or metal, functional or whimsical are all the anger this year. Outdoor living is popular. Over the past decade they have seen innovations in BBQs and outside patio furniture. They have seen the popularity of yard decks soar. They have seen the advent of bug zappers and outdoor space heaters. It was only a matter of time before garden sheds took the spot light.

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