Legally Download Movies and Music

As the internet community grows increasingly more popular so there are many out there trying to scam you? I, myself have ran across quite a few of these, especially in the leisure industry.

As 2008 moves along, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) plus the MPAA (Motion Picture Relationship of America) are cracking down and expanding their own enforcement. Anytime you download music and movies for free on the internet you are highly risking the opportunity of getting caught using a pretty hefty fine. These fines can range between a $100 fine in addition to restricted and no internet usage for 12 months or more, up for you to $250, 000 fine for that "No Electronic Theft Act" for very first time that offender. You could possible can also download the best horror films from some of the best internet movie sites.

You may end up being wondering, "how likely can it be that I will acquire caught? " Well starting in 2006 the feds began watching these free installing sites and programs. Including, LimeWire, Morpheus, Kazzaa, in addition to Bit-torrent sites. The thing about it is, anytime you download 1 song from any of these free programs, during the download process they will track you down by making use of your IP address that is linked to you ISP (Internet Program Provider). After that they will file a lawsuit towards your ISP. So you should beware that while you think you're not accomplishing anything wrong, your ISP provider is definitely considering everything you're doing on the net. You can also visit to get the best options.

A recent survey connected with teenagers reported that 87% believed they should be punished for illegally installing copyrighted material. Of these kinds of 87%, there were a range of punishments they thought suitable including going to juvenile hall to being exposed as a thief into their community.

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