Lake Manyara National Park Holiday Tips

Lake Manyara National Park is one of the most popular visited places during Tanzania Zanzibar safaris. It is ninety minutes away from Arusha, a famous town in the Republic of Tanzania and it occupies only three hundred and thirty square kilometers of land. Those who commonly visit Lake Manyara also visit Ngorongoro Crater, which is about an hour away. Because the park is usually crowded in the afternoons, try to arrive early in the morning to have a full-day tour. You may also visit the park twice or thrice. If you wait for your tour operator to act as they want they will take you to the northern part only.

You will miss the beauty of other sections of Lake Manyara National Park. You can ask them to rent out a mobile camp or a stationary camp inside the park. Although you will pay more for this option, it will let you rise up early and begin your tour around the park before other tourists can arrive. To save money you can book a room outside Lake Manyara National Park but very near its gate. Tourist lodges along the Rift Valley Escapment offer direct and clear views of the park and charge much less compared to park camps. There are two gates: one in the south and the other one in the south. Entry via the south gate is restricted to some camps and lodges only.

Because the south gate is the best gate to use you should ask your tour operator to book one of the few allowed facilities. There is a lot you will see during your Tanzania tours and safaris to Lake Manyara. The main attraction is Lake Manyara, of course, a long shallow soda lake with changing water levels in different seasons. Adjacent to the lake is a broad, lush plain with a blend of acacia tree species. Next to the Rift Valley Escarpment there are evergreen woods sustained by natural groundwater springs. There are plenty of African animals and birds in this park too, including wildebeests, elephants, giraffes and buffalos in big numbers.

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