Identifying a genuine antique radio is easy

You have just acquired an old fashioned radio, but apart from the manufactures name on the front, you dont know a blessed thing about it. Learning more about your radio might satisfy your curiosity, or it may serve a practical purpose such as helping you get repair information. Heres how to go about identifying an old vintage radios, and then how to decide its playable.

Thousands of radios were manufactured worldwide, among them majority of the radios sold are not interesting. For every good radio, there were hundreds of cheap ones. The normal way to identify a radio is by tracking its model number like Zenith 1OS157 or RCA 812K. Model numbers are often printed on a paper label attached to the back, inside, or bottom of the radio cabinet. The model number may also be printed somewhere in the cabinet itself.

Most radios also list various patent numbers. Patent notices often include dates, but those do not tell you when the radio was made. They only indicate when the patent was originally granted. Some radios also have a name in addition to model number. The name may be handy if a collector guide happens to list your set by name instead of model number. You can also visit our page to learn more about the right value of your old fashioned radio.

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