Fancy Fighting Wars On Deserted Islands?

Every child and even adults have a weakness for adventure. Our minds are full of dramatic wars fought on lonely islands and deserted beaches from the history books and war movies. They were all depictions of reality. You are now getting an opportunity to enter the fantasy world where you fight battles, invest in defenses and save the tight situations.

While we usually imagine family fun filled vacations on romantic beaches, we realize that everything could turn bloody with some villains around. That is what happens in Boom Beach and you are the savior of the moment.

Just like it happens in reality, you get to construct defensive buildings or upgrade the older ones. You have the cheap Sniper Tower and the expensive Shock Launcher. You need money for all that and it comes in the form of diamonds. You have wood too.

I collaborated in learning the game with another guy I recently met. I was not really getting the hang of it initially. It all appeared a big joke in the beginning. But then I did some research about the different operating systems and the minimum requirements.
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