Buying Rain Boots – Are Wellies the Same As Rain Boots?

For the most part, yes, wellies are the same as rain boots. But to get more choosy, while all Wellies can fundamentally be thought about rain boots, not all rain boots are wellies. Wellies are always made of rubber, but rain boots are not necessarily so. While could argue that rubber boots are the only ones that are truly waterproof, there's still lots of boots marketed as rain boots that are not made of the material.

There's lots of names out there for different kinds of boots. You have galoshes, gumboots, snow boots, waders, Wellies, Wellingtons, rubber boots & probably other names I cannot even keep in mind. So you might be wondering, "are wellies the same as rain boots?" Let's find out by learning a bit more about wellies! You can also buy boots online at

So what are Wellies?

Lots of rain boots can be made of synthetic materials that are treated to be water-resistant. Even canvas boots that are treated with a protective coating can do a nice job of defending your feet from the wet & icy weather. But they definitely are not wellies.

Wellies is fundamentally a nickname for a specific type of rubber boot that originated in Great Britain. Originally, they were known as Wellingtons, which is a name brand for boots made by a British company called Hunter Wellington. They were probably the first manufacturer of what they call wellies today, so both Wellingtons & Wellies refers to these types of boots, & usually it is the name used irrespective of what company actually makes them.

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