Best Practices for Profanity Filter Implementation

As a webmaster, you realize the importance of incorporating a profanity filter to keep your town productive and free of indecency, but still ask is it trustworthy? Will the implementation give the efficiency you are looking for while keeping the flexibility needed for the 21st century generation?

In the end, the high tech language filtering methods will give out false-positives or allow unique slang go through. The good news is that there is a solution to implementing filter performance: adjusting filter indexing in time. The ability to work on your filtering just in time is the solution to achieving the security youre looking for, customizing users know how thus coming up with a clean community.

Bullet proof Your Community Culture

Online communities mostly come up with their own sub-culture influenced by creative slang associated with that culture. This practice should be accepted and approved by website owners as it makes the community stronger by improving the online activities and creating more user engagement. However new creative and fun ways of communicating create bad habits of bullying and harassment. As it useful to approve community language creativity, you must also protect the vulnerable. A good solution is coming up with ways to update your profanity filter just in time.

Minimize false-positives

It is good to accept that no filter is perfect, because every community has unique culture. Most games contain unique names of data that can come up with language filter machines. You can take care of your community from frustration by false-positives when you use the powers to update your filter just in time.

Keep Track of Communications

Adjusting your profanity just in time brings about success, by letting you keep track user communications. You will know important information regarding your communities likes and dislikes so that you can update your data, and future occurrences in real time and in the right way.

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